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Memorable Day♥

Memorable Day♥
120603 is a memorable day for TripleS.. We happy because Hyun Joong, YoungSaeng, JungMin and Hyung Jun attend Kyu’s last fanmeeting before his army enlistment 🙂

Finally after two years, We can see SS501 members on one stage again. It’s a great moments :’)

While Kyu’s enlistment means that SS501 cann’t be fully active as five until 2014.. But whenever it I still waiting them ^^

The five man fanmeet energized TripleS around the world with Hyun Joong’s reassuring “SS501 will NEVER DISBAND! So please wait for us” wow it’s nice statment from uri leader \(^.^)/♥

Hyun Joong’s statment makes me more more and more believe with SS501. Kim Hyun Joong is the best leader ever♥

And ofcaourse no matter what happen I will always waiting and support for their comeback together as one ^^


I ♥ SS501

120603 memorable day ever :’)

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Shocking news beginning june T~T

Very sad news beginning June. This morning I read Kyu Jong handwriting letter.

He mentioned in his letter that he is going to millitary from July T.T it’s shocking news for me..

I think it’s too fast but maybe it’s the best and I proud of him. I must respect Kyu’s decision..

Two years it’s too long but whatever what happen I will always support and waiting him.
Triple’S hwaiting ‘-‘)9

Love you prince @2kjdream ♥♥♥ I will really miss u~


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